We have proudly been representing the citizens of Walker County, AL on legal matters since 1979.
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     The Beaird Law Office has been operated by James R. Beaird  for 36 years with his practice primarily in the areas of representing injured persons in automobile cases and representing husbands and wives in divorce and custody cases.  Angela M. Schefano and Teri M. Smith are associated with Mr. Beaird and accept cases in various areas of law.
    James Beaird is a current Alabama State Bar Commissioner representing Walker County, Alabama.   He has served in this capacity for the eight (8) years.
     James Beaird is a trained Mediator and is available to mediate Divorce Cases for attorneys and clients who wish to reach an agreement without trial.
      The Beaird Family has been active in the legal profession in Walker County for many years.   Judge T. Leon Beaird was elected District Attorney in 1959 and later Circuit Judge in 1965 and served the people of Walker County in public office  for twenty-one (21) years.    Judge Hugh Beaird was elected District Judge in 1990 and later served as Circuit Judge until his retirement in 2006. 

       If your are  in need of an  attorney during our consultation we will work with you to develop a strategy that best benefits your situation.     Since every case is unique,  it is important not to discuss your legal challenges with friends and family, but to speak with an experienced, qualified attorney that knows best how to advise you.

        The Beaird Law Office primarily accepts cases involving  Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury,  Divorce, Custody  and other Family Law Cases, Wills, Adoptions, Legitimations and Estates. If you need help in these areas of Law, please call and set up your consultation appointment today.


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